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Mirror Therapy: Retrain the Brain to Alter Pain and Improve Movement and Function

November 16, 2013

San Diego, CA                                                             

Instructor: Susan W Stralka PT, MS, DPT

Are your patients not responding to therapy?  How can you maximize treatment outcomes despite limited visits?

Try Mirror Therapy, in the clinic and with a home program, to improve movement and range of motion in preparation for a functional training program.


  • Mirror Therapy, as part of a Graded Motor Imagery program helps identify patients who are not responding to conventional therapies and helps improve clinical efficiency and compliance with a home program.It has been successful in treating peripheral nerve injuries and central nervous system injuries through the use of a sequential 3-stage process consisting of right and left identification, visual imagery and mirror therapy. 


View more information and registration details. Questions? Contact Rehab Education LLC at 845-368-2458 or info@RehabEd.comTry this link    http://rehabed.com/ws-mirror_therapy.php


KinesioTaping® Fundamentals and AdvancedKT1/KT2  

Saturday and Sunday, February 8-9, 2014 San Diego, CA
Learn the concepts of the KinesioTaping® Method and the unique properties and applications of KinesioTape in this KTA approved Seminar.Kinesiotaping KT1/KT2 teaches the fundamental and advanced concepts, and corrective techniques–with intensive lab sessions to provide ample time to practice KinesioTaping® applications.Learn more and register..

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