Upcoming courses in San Diego

Mirror Therapy: Retrain the Brain to Alter Pain and Improve Movement and Function November 16, 2013 San Diego, CA                                                              Instructor: Susan W Stralka PT, MS, DPT Are your patients not responding to therapy?  How can you maximize treatment outcomes … Continue reading


I work at a facility two days per week (Tuesday and Thursday) and have trouble figuring out how to provide iontophoresis. I understand that it is supposed to be provided every other day. I usually do it using the phoresor … Continue reading

Next year’s meetings and presentations

We hope you enjoyed some of our great meetings this year. We look forward to seeing you all next year. We will continue to meet in October, January, March and May at Perlman outpatient Hand Therapy.

We are hoping that many of you can talk to the physicians or therapists at your locations to encourage them to speak at next year’s meetings.

Contact Program Coordinator: Carolyn Phelan at carolynhoyne.phelan@gmail.com